Pointed Trowels, ProSoft & Plastic Handle – Flextool

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Flextool Pointed Trowels are produced using high carbon steel to optimise blade flexibility and durability. They are used for smooth finishing of concrete. These Pointed Trowels are also fitted with a single piece forged aluminium spine for extra strength and blade support. Available in both ProSoft rubber grip and solid moulded plastic handles.




Product Code
Width (mm)
Length (mm)
Pack Qty
FT4P1001-UNITPointed Trowel – ProSoft Handle1203656
FT4P1009-UNITPointed Trowel – ProSoft Handle1003556
FT4P1091-UNITPointed Trowel – ProSoft Handle1154056
FT4P1092-UNITPointed Trowel – ProSoft Handle1154506
FT4P1093-UNITPointed Trowel – ProSoft Handle1155006
FT41009P-UNITPointed Trowel – ProSoft Handle1003556
FT41091P-UNITPointed Trowel – ProSoft Handle1154056


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