Why astaproc?

Best Price

We are certain to give fair and competitive prices for our customers.

Fast Delivery

The delivery process is well monitored to make sure that the item arrived at your place just on time.

Best Supplier & Product

The compatibility, quality and originality of products are guaranteed because we do strict selection to our trusted suppliers.

We serve as an intermediary between customer and supplier in the end-to-end procurement process. As a customer, you can directly give the product request to us by submit RFQ (Request for Quotation). As a supplier, you will be helped by us in proposing the product to the customer by creating the quotation.

Current Request

RFQ/JE/DS/4098/2022_DOKUMEN LENGKAP 3854271 / RA / BRUNEI _ Ijin Pemanfaatan and CTN 4016

29 Oct 2022
12 item

RFQ/DY/PP/4149/2022 FR# 060338 - Perijinan export permit 7 ea Radioactive source Pressure Pumping

25 Oct 2022
28 item

RFQ/DY/WS/4116/2022 re-export RA source

25 Oct 2022
84 item

test inquiry

30 Sep 2022
10 item

RFQ/JE/DS/4044/2022_RA Permit CTN 4015 and CTN 3158/HCML

21 Oct 2022
12 item

How to use astaproc?


Create Account

Before starting to use the feature, you should make an account by using Customer Registration on the Login/Register menu at the right top of the homepage.

Submit Inquiry

Find the Request for Quotation button in Astacipta Procurement Platform section on the homepage and submit the item inquiry with the specification your company need.

Accept Quotation

After doing selection, we will give you the best price offer before the inquiry expires date and you just need to confirm for order or send negotiation if you’d like to


You just need to make a final confirmation and pay the bill. Then, we will process the purchase order to the supplier and do quality control as soon as the item arrives at our warehouse.

Received Items

The goods that passed the quality control will be delivered to your address on the targeted time.

User Guide:


Create Account

To submit the quotation for item inquiry, first you should make an account by using Supplier Registration on the Login/Register menu at the right top of the homepage.

Submit Quotation

Find the list of current item requests at Astacipta Procurement Platform page section and create an offer for the inquiry that suits your product.

Accept Purchase Order

If your quotation is the chosen one, we will send you a Purchase Order right after the customer confirms the order. You can make an approve or reject decision based on the availability of the product.

Shipping Items

Shipping your item and upload the documents (invoice, tax invoice, and delivery receipt) and doing delivery to specified address. 

Received Payment

The payment will be process after we received complete items and documents.

User Guide:

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