Welcome to Astacipta

Astacipta is an E-commerce platform that provides oilfield products with a B2B transaction system. We are introducing 2 order methods which are Request for Quotation and Buy Online. Request for Quotation is intended for the corporate customer and Buy Online for those who want to buy in smaller quantity.

Our history

PT Asta Bumi Cipta was established on February 2016 by group of engineers. Since its establishment, the company has grown rapidly in size and market penetration. Despite the engineering background, together the team carried various expertise including in the area of engineering, economics, and managerial. This really set off early foundation of the company. PT Asta Bumi Cipta have been in the business of industrial supply for the past 4 years with the regular customer from oil and gas industry. Since the end of 2019, we keep growing to bring our business to the online level with E-commerce platform named Astacipta.