About Us

What is Astacipta?

Astacipta is an E-commerce that aim to be One-Stop Procurement Solution for companies all over Indonesia. We are providing 2 type of transactions for our customer:

  1. Directly buy products via add to cart on our web
  2. Submit product inquiry based on customer needs on Astacipta Procurement Platform to get price quotation.

For suppliers, we also give opportunity to submit price quotation on inquiry from our customer that will be published in Astacipta Procurement Platform. The end-to-end process will be assist by Astacipta team to ensure the safe and convenient transaction.

Our history

As a promising company, our goal is simple and straightforward: To be the best corporate supplier in Indonesia. Four years ago, PT Asta Bumi Cipta started its journey as a small company that only catered to a specific portion of the oil and gas sector. As time goes by, our company grew; Even during market turmoil and turbulence, our mutual growth concept allows us to adapt and overcome.

Although we still cater to all kinds of client requirements, we now have another avenue to explore. Now we are not just dealer or intermediary for our oil and gas clients, PT Asta Bumi Cipta is the jack of all trades; your one-stop solution for all your procurement needs. Since 2019, we are developing www.astacipta.com as PT Asta Bumi Cipta’s E-commerce to expand our business into the online market.

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